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Our Mission & Objectives

The Association will act as a charitable organization focusing on Industrial Participation/Offset related topics for international companies. As such it offers:

  • International platform for network, know-how and experience exchange
  • Encouragement of governance, compliance and transparency
  • Association work
    • dialogue with experts, public authorities, international organizations
    • dialogue and collaboration with other professional associations
    • improvement of the perception of offset
  • Provision of subject and industry specific information and news
  • Enhancement of education and training as well as specific development of young professionals (for instance by cooperating with universities)

DKF Vision / Mission:

  • To be the premier European Network for Offset, Countertrade and Industrial Participation
  • To build up global membership community of Industrial Participation/ Offset Professionals
  • To act as a think-tank for Offset, Counter Trade and Industrial Participation
  • To be a platform offering training and advise to newcomers in the Offset, Counter Trade and Industrial Participation community

DKF Objectives:

  • Support our members by offering appropriate lectures and discussion podia as well as networking opportunities
  • Support members in the handling and management of their Offset/Industrial Participation commitments by sharing practical know-how and knowledge at conferences and workshops organized by DKF without becoming involved in the Member’s business and projects. DKF has no political mandate
  • Share relevant information and best practice in the field of Offset, Counter Trade and Industrial participation
  • Fostering of Education/Training
  • Conduction of conferences within the framework of national laws in compliance with Ethics & Compliance Regulation
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